Frequently Asked Questions

Teen Parenting

I am a teen parent. Is anything different for me?

A teen parent, also known as a “minor parent,” refers to a person under 18 years of age, who requires an adult (preferably a parent or legal guardian) to represent him or her in the child support court process. An adult representative must come to court because a minor cannot legally sign a waiver of service or enter a general appearance before the court in lieu of being served in person. When a child support case is opened with the OAG, a child support worker will contact the minor parent. The child support worker will describe the child support process; explain why the minor parent must have his or her parent, legal guardian, or adult representative present during all legal proceedings; and verify who can serve as the minor’s adult representative. If the minor parent identifies someone other than his or her parent or legal guardian, the OAG must get an Authorization for Release of Information or payment form on file so that the representative can receive information on the minor’s case.

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